Leopard wind emerald situation (Figure)

The 2011 International Winter T-Taiwan, animal pattern rushed to the surface, stunned the mind, people can not help but their own wild calling.

The classic leopard azurite bracelet that the author saw on the market has become the focus of consumers. You can think of “brilliant, proud, sexy, extravagant...” and it belongs to it with more vitality factors. Leopard series, sexy but with no sense of lethality. However, her high price is also deterred by ordinary people.

Some people may ask why a good bracelet is so expensive?

Let's calculate this account. If one kilogram of jade material is successful, only a maximum of five bracelets can be made. In July 2011, a 2.38 kilograms of jadeite raw materials started from the 2.8 million kilograms on the jadeite plate of Myanmar. This way, the cost price of each bracelet is 560,000 yuan. Wearing a jade bracelet has the meaning of auspiciousness, peace, eternal, and happiness, and the extensive and profound Chinese culture makes it richer and more colorful. Until now, legends have been circulating that the jade bracelets symbolize harmony, elegance and gentleness of women, which can protect the wearer from harm and bring blessing to the wearer.

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