LED display system design analysis

First, the LED display system electromagnetic compatibility design

1. The power circuit adopts standard computer power supply and shielding measures, and the power supply noise filter switching power supply DC stabilized power supply standard program.

2. Good electromagnetic shielding of power supply and circuit.

3. The analog signal ground, the digital signal ground, the structure are safely separated from the power ground, and crosstalk is effectively prevented.

4, printed board design specifications, including string components, routing, filtering and other strict regulations, use an oscilloscope to measure the noise interference on each printed board ground, the peak does not exceed +50mv.

5. The interface circuit between the board, the board and the chassis has anti-interference design.

6. The system field wiring, signal line and AC power line (power line) are strictly separated.

7, a good ground system, strictly grounded.

8. In order to improve the reliability of the system, the power supply has taken measures to derate the use and reserve sufficient margin.

9. The external interface is driven by balanced current.

Second, LED display system fault-tolerant design

1, the communication protocol has a variety of fault tolerance: communication data is constantly refreshed, any accidental errors can be quickly corrected.

2. The software uses various fault tolerance measures.

3. Data storage uses various fault tolerance measures.

4, the program misuse, real-time prompts.

5. Use reasonable judgment to eliminate illegal data.

6. The display refresh rate is above 240HZ to ensure the display is stable and flicker free.

Third, LED display system tolerance design

1, the components are left with more than 20% of the margin, increasing the life of components.

2. The interface circuit allows the input voltage of the component to fluctuate by ±5%, and the circuit can still work reliably.

3, the device dynamic characteristics have greater redundancy, to ensure that the system can still operate reliably when the characteristics of the components change.

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