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Langsha Corporation is a company mainly engaged in textile production and sales. Its subsidiaries include Langsha Knitting Co., Ltd., Langsha Fiber Co., Langsha Garment Co., Langfang Daya Chemical Co., Langsha Real Estate Co., Ltd., Langsha Co., Ltd., Langsha Co., Ltd., Langsha Co., , Russia Langsha company.

Langsha underwear is one of the leading products of Langsha Group Company.It has over 1000 sets of imported equipment at home and abroad such as thermal underwear, seamless underwear, underwear, underwear, bra, etc. It is the largest underwear manufacturer in China at present. Have woven from cotton yarn to the finished product and finishing the entire production process, with a strong cost advantage and technology research and development capabilities.

In 2006, the company set up "Textile R & D Center" with Donghua University and set up a "post-doctoral work station" with Tsinghua University. It is determined to become a well-known trademark of China's underwear within three years and establish the first brand of Chinese underwear.

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