Italy Baavacd (Beva children) children's clothing landed in the Chinese market

Has been the industry concern and consumers have long been the Italian children's clothing brand Baavacd (Beva Children) recently landed in the Chinese market, has become the focus of numerous users hot. The Baavacd brand was born in Italy in the early 1980s, mainly to develop and produce apparel and products for professional 0-12 year olds. An excellent children's wear brand, after 30 years of continuous scientific and technological innovation and enhance quality, maintaining the leading position in the design style and fabric, has formed its own unique competitive advantage, interpretation into a child of the world welcome and favorite The flagship boy in costume, who grew up with a blind and blind mother, was given the opportunity to study for free in Milan, thanks to his clever and studious drawing, and established himself as a Beva student in Milan Clothing brand - Beva children, the purpose is to commemorate the opportunity to change their life and destiny. Beiwa children's aim is "to protect the health of children and adolescents" as a starting point, so that every child wear a beautiful, cost-effective children's clothing, spend innocent and romantic childhood. The children's clothing style is simple, atmospheric, stylish, lively, classic design, environmentally friendly and comfortable fabrics, colorful colors, became the Italian children's wear market was a beautiful scenery, has been numerous parents and children and parents of all ages. For more than 30 years, Beva children have maintained this style of design, as the world's children's wear brand bright pearl. In 2012, Beiwa children came across the oceans come to China, the official authorized Shenzhen to the United States Garment Co., Ltd., pregnant to the United States to become the Baavacd (Beva Children) series of children's clothing (China) the only permanent operators, will join the cooperation , For the national investment. Baavacd's choice of pregnancy to the United States, precisely because of the strength of the pregnancy and the connotation of the brand and the culture here complement each other, also hope to start the Baavacd (Beva Children's brand in China. This time the two sides join hands to uphold the goal of building "the No.1 brand of children's health clothing in China" and adhere to the principle of "keeping everything in order". While maintaining its original style, Baavacd will become a leader in the industry. The majority of children aged 0-12 years to provide professional, generous, stylish, comfortable children's clothing, advocate the return to the concept of natural environmental protection and healthy and relaxed lifestyle. Shenzhen pregnant to the United States and Garment Co., Ltd. will firmly grasp the latest international scientific and technological achievements and the actual needs of China's children's wear market, and strive to enhance R & D capabilities, the perfect combination of technology and fashion, the new materials, new technologies, new technology on First, continue to introduce fashionable, high-quality children's clothing, thus promoting the rapid development of Baavacd (Bewa children) in China.

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