It is expected that the sales of thermal underwear in India will increase by 15% in winter

This winter, Indian consumers will have to spend more to buy thermal underwear. Higher consumption tax, coupled with fluctuating yarn prices, increased the price of thermal underwear by 20%. However, price increases may not dampen demand. Although overall sales growth is expected to reach 15%, the annual growth rate of women's and children's underwear is 20%. The thermal underwear market in India exceeds 10 billion rupees.

Since last winter, thermal underwear sales have been very good and there is no excess inventory. Due to the fluctuating cotton yarn prices, manufacturers cannot significantly expand production this year. Some expect that this year's supply and demand gap will continue to occur.

U.S. dollar industrial managing director Gupta said that the demand is huge. It is expected that the central area of ​​Hindi will be very cold this winter, so thermal underwear sales will see scale. About 20% increase. He said that U.S. dollar produces 2.5-3 million thermal underwear every year.

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