Inlaid winding, singing love (Figure)

The moon will give a gentle smile of smile, sprinkle my wings, no matter where I fly, the meteor tracer will be wrapped around my flight, the night becomes like the day. - Shelley "Two Elves: A Fable" Flower Chopard An image about love and twine, a beautiful love poem, in this honey-colored February we read gently. Winded, a slightly black and full of desire words, painful people say it can not breathe, sweet people call it life and death phase promise. People who are sunbathing in love naturally express it as the latter, just like you and me. There is a lot of story about twine, just like the poem at the beginning, but we still want to see it materialized, such as jewelry. Jewelry is one of the most beautiful and expressive expressions of love. The designers set the twists and turns in their hearts by hand, which is the most entertaining song about the twine. Cascading layers of awakening awakening the mysterious power of precious stones, different colors to predict different feelings of the soul. Winding can be passionate, you can also love the sea. Please take your jewelry, one by one, seated. Top to bottom: 1. L'Ame du Voyage Collection Louis Vuitton 2. Platinum Platinum drop pink gemstone with white diamonds and earrings Graff 3. Secrets et Merveilles fine jewelry necklace Cartier Pink series represents stone: ruby, red spinel , Garnet, Red Tourmaline Red is a warm, impulsive, powerful color, and their twists and turns are full of vitality slapstick and laughter. Like 18 years old, wearing a red T-shirt we run in the bright green lawn chasing, smiling like a bright flower. Louis Vuitton's first high-end jewelry series L'Ame du Voyage collar and Chopard rose ruby ​​collar almost has the same purpose, the collar hard to strengthen the winding line three-dimensional visual experience; Cartier's designers are another way to use pink pearls to come Expression of red warm side, multi-level overlap so gorgeous moment exudes; Anna hu simple knot; Graff overlapping concentric circles are more simple lines to express the winding mood.

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