How to choose a wedding dress? How to choose wedding dress?

The bride and groom the most solemn out of a pair of pairs that is the wedding scene, the wedding day, the bride and groom accessories, dress with even makeup are very important, because the wedding is your first show loving field! In the past maybe the groom did not find the original love is so beautiful, dressed for the bride in that day is particularly moving, unconsciously, you are fascinated by me, and the new dress with is also very important, gestures, you are fascinated by me , You are my heart, from weaving happiness journey together. Modern wedding ceremony, the bride will usually choose 3-5 sets of clothing, usually a Western white wedding dress, a set of Chinese dress, 1-3 sets of fashion dress. How to choose a wedding dress? Take a look Xiaobian recommended.


Delicate lace flower, from top to bottom personal dress portable design, the overall sense of giving the noble, especially suitable for small wedding venue held intimate venue, but also highlights the bride's noble temperament; with a pair of cross with thin High-heeled sandals, revealing slender legs, looks tall and elegant.


Cinderella story, girls all like! Lace, Crochet, the floating dress, princess dress sweet innocence, knee short wedding dress, the overall feeling quite brisk and cute, for more relaxed style banquet; with a pair of the same color or black high heels, elongated Leg lines at the same time, the feminine qualities are also demonstrated.

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