Hand holding style "package" Luo Wanxiang street watch "tide" side (Figure)

The most talked about woman in the world is nothing more than a bag of clothes. Xiaobian will share with the girls the most domineering clutches, the gas field function that goes straight into the cloud, and the occasional bored little playfulness. More life-like interpretations. The wonderful visual feast is not as good as a high-profile show in the late summer.

Never understated colors, this bright gold is in the interpretation of this truth, high-profile colors and sharp design who do not dare to easily offend it. The metal is really a real sense of fashion to the thick, and this design is simply an enlarged envelope, it is indeed a very strong highlight.

With a sense of national color, I believe that color will be the first to win the eye. Colorful and always have more contact with youth, this fabric on the other hand to reduce the sense of majesty, coupled with the designer added a lot of broken pieces of metal as a match, this handbag is a lot of playful.

Silently deducting the wonderfulness of your own home, this is the feeling of this hand bag, very quiet. Even with a few colors to match, but the overall feeling is because the clean design feels very kind, and soft leather, driving away more blunt, quiet and beautiful, are you suitable?

It is also very quiet to interpret the fashionable clutch with black back stripes. The difference is to use the pink border to wrap around the edges. This kind of color is a youthful pink dream, and it is also the impact of black and white. Not too small, a lot of beautiful girlishness is not careful.

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