GOOD LUCK boutique men's clothing is about to debut in 2012 Beijing CHIC

City fashion from the ocean ----- GOOD LUCK boutique men's clothing GOOD LUCK brand by ALAIN GERWIN founder In 1856, he loves sailing, love nature, adventurous, out of love for the sea and right Sailor's life longing, ALAIN GERWIN created the "GOOD LUCK GLADIUS" brand, cleverly "GOOD LUCK" and "GLADIUS (Warriors)" together, with the "fish-shaped" pattern together, given Its health and beauty, speed and strength of the essence, making the legendary one hundred years to continue, continue to glow in the infinite vitality of hard work ahead! Hall No. E1: Menswear Booth No .: E1402 Date: March 26-29, 2012 Venue: Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Hall - 88 Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu District, Shunyi District, Beijing) Brand Concept The 21st Century Today, the clothing culture is unprecedented prosperity, the function of clothing has not only stay in the purpose of keeping warm, a large number of information combinations reflected in people's dress, the modern life style and work level of mutual penetration, everything is comfortable and natural that focus Details as the primary choice, the quality and the details of the more demanding requirements, GOOD LUCK series of brand after a hundred years of wind and rain, are perseverance, full of vitality, GOOD LUCK senior casual men's series, it is this spirit Best portrayal of both his pursuit of quality and comfort, but also emphasizes the appearance of noble, the use of traditional crafts and modern technology to create every detail of their products, reflecting the perfect integration of man and nature. Brand positioning with simple and smooth lines, comfortable and elegant quality as the basis for the design, into the fashion elements, get rid of simple threadbare pile, make GOOD LUCK brand calm and the atmosphere, refined and casual, simple design to promote the delicate and elegant spirit, emphasizing the people And the nature of the United States back to nature as the beauty of harmony, this intellectual and sensual, the perfect combination of culture and art, both embodies the classic fashion, but also filled with humanistic flavor!

   Necklace is the main variety of jewelry. Necklace is one kind of jewelry which hanging on the neck. Necklace is very popular with everyone, especially women. There are many different styles of necklace, we have Tassel Necklace , Tattoo Choker , Lace Necklace , Fur Ball Necklace , Chain Necklace , Natural Stone Pendant, Necklace For Man , Pearl Necklace , Shamballa Necklace, Vintage Necklaces, Rhinestone Alloy Necklace and so on.
When we choose to wear one necklace, we need to consider its design and color, to check if the necklace match our ages, our clothes, even other kinds of jewelry which we wear. For older people, we will choose higher quality styles, like Gold necklace, Pearl necklace, Jade necklace and so on. For younger people, we will choose more statement necklace, like tassel necklace, fur ball necklace, Vintage Necklaces and so on. For Children, we will choose more cute styles, like shamballa necklace, tattoo choker, plastic necklace and so on.
Different necklace will bring us a different life.


Tassel Necklace,Tattoo Choker,Lace Necklace,Chain Necklace


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