Glass art mirror installation notes

Due to the fragility of the art glass mirror, you need to be extra careful when you install it. Here are some notes on the installation of the art glass mirror:

1. When you receive the art mirror, please open the box and check if the art glass mirror is damaged or the product is damaged during the construction process, please replenish the product as soon as possible to avoid delaying the progress of your decoration project.

2, art glass mirrors should not be stored in high temperature or humid environment for a long time, thus affecting the life of the product or oxidation.

3, when moving the art glass mirror, be careful not to hurt the corners and faces of the glass, try to avoid the scratch caused by the friction of the two glass faces, the small angle should pay special attention to not touch the hard object to cause the break angle.

4, art glass mirror installation and installation process should be handled gently, do not use steel objects to knock.

5. When installing the bottom of the product, put the front of the art mirror on the flexible material such as foam and paper.

6. During construction, if there is adhesive and other dirt on the surface of the art glass mirror, it should be gently wiped off with a wet cotton cloth.

7. When using construction cutting, digging, or opening, do not use oily pen scratches on the surface of the art glass mirror.

8, do not use metal sheet, clean wire brush and other vertical hard materials to wipe the art glass mirror.

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