Gao Dekang: The textile industry must rely on the brand to get out of the international dilemma

For textile and garment companies that rely heavily on overseas orders for production, it is the season for receiving orders. However, due to the recent downturn in the international economic environment, the European debt crisis is still continuing, consumer confidence is not strong, and domestic costs are still rising, wages rose by more than 10%, the exchange rate against the US dollar also In the slow rise, many orders have been transferred to these low-cost countries such as Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Vietnam. It is difficult for textile and apparel companies to achieve growth.

Recently, in the national “**” period in 2012, the eleventh National ** representative, Gao Dekang, chairman of Bosideng Group, the largest domestic down apparel company, said in analyzing the development of the industry this year, “With the acceleration of national industrial restructuring,** * Appreciation to a certain extent, some textile and apparel companies have no profit margins, can only choose to withdraw from the export market; and those who advance layout, and actively improve product quality, create their own brands of companies, will get greater room for development."

According to reports, in June last year, Bosideng spent 300 million yuan to buy a building near Oxford Street in London, will open a flagship store for seasonal products including menswear and down apparel before the London Olympics this year, and set up the company’s European headquarters. This is an important step in the process of Bosideng's internationalization. Gao Dekang said that in the current economic situation, textile and apparel companies must extend their R&D, design and after-sales services to develop their own brands and develop the international market. Domestic labor costs continue to rise, while labor costs in the clothing industry in countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh and Indonesia are still very low. The era in which Chinese apparel has been invincible in the international market for low value-added and popular products for 30 years is declining. We must change the model based on cost-oriented competition and price competition, shift to relying more on services, improve product quality, and gain new competitive advantages in the international market by increasing the value-added of products. This has become a consensus within the industry.

Gao Dekang suggested that the government should nurture and strengthen the main body of foreign trade enterprises. Encourage and support import and export enterprises to improve their management levels, increase their technological content, expand and strengthen their own intellectual property rights, and export their own branded products. Encourage export enterprises with potential for development to seize opportunities, take the initiative to go global, and actively explore the international market. For the export of independent brands, it is hoped that the country will introduce a comprehensive supportive policy for the system.

Gao Dekang believes that local governments should innovate and develop international markets. Actively invite foreign industry associations and famous foreign brands to visit domestic famous enterprises to build a communication platform; Organize enterprises to participate in influential exhibitions abroad; Promote enterprises to increase overseas marketing and exhibition participation; Pay more attention to the construction of foreign trade platforms and build A number of national-level exhibition platforms, network information platforms, and domestic and foreign trade centers have strengthened their support for emerging markets while consolidating traditional markets.

Gao Dekang stated that the government can strengthen the links with exporting enterprises, publicize and explain relevant foreign trade promotion policies, and provide timely assistance and guidance to the difficulties and problems that foreign trade companies have encountered during the operation of foreign trade. Foreign trade promotion policies play an effective role.

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