Feelings of beauty

This year's spring and summer fashion is full of lively, bright atmosphere, take a trip to a boutique, multi-color Sandals will certainly attract your attention. Materials, regardless of canvas with leather, embossed crocodile embroidered with elastic band, snakeskin with ribbon, suede with snakeskin, will be the focus of this year's pop. In addition, this year's stilettos are still popular, but the heavier high heels are even more aggressive and have a pair of leather carving patterns or straw woven sandals that will definitely make you the most IN family this summer.

GUCCI out of high-heeled

Frida Giannini, GUCCI's creative director of women's wear and accessories, led the women's wear in the spring and summer of 2006 into a new field. The self-confident and attractive GUCCI women showed their youthful and fashionable charm. This year, the stiletto heel is no longer the only mainstream. The high-heeled sandals of the GUCCI round platform are more in line with young fashion. The gold and yellow lines are the main features, and the heels are also decorated with exaggerated mirrors and have become the focus of attention.

SalvatoreFerragamo ethnic style

In the sun, wearing a woven linen shoe Upper, soles and heels woven with thick threads, happily go shopping and let the toes relax. The attractive metal has a high heel and a long, soft, feminine finish. This is a feature of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes this season. The Roman-style sandals have three walras buckles that are placed on the upper to reveal a distinctive national identity, or the mother-of-pearl sandals glitter in the sun. The introduction of metal heels and cute low uppers in the new flats became the focus of attention this season.

YSL stunning Spain

Yves Saint Laurent 2006 spring and summer women's design inspired by Spanish literature, art and multi-faceted cultural baptism, with contrast as a design element, using romanticism to challenge contemporaryism, metal-colored high-heeled sandals, heel braided with straw Made of sexy Spanish style, as well as stunning lizard skin, and semi-precious stone decoration, have become the shoes of this season.

LV is elegant and colorful

This year's LV shoes color is more colorful than usual, thick sandals become a strong hit, street fashion and national style are the inspiration for LV, spring and summer shoes series match fashion, bring more leisurely and elegant style, regardless of material and technology Can be picky. Although the power of sports winds has not diminished, but this year's colorful foot style seems to be superior, brown, beige, gray and other are the same fashion colors, bold fresh yellow, LV cowboy style sandals, canvas Casual Shoes plus Casual bags worn in the street are absolutely eye-catching.

Dior high hill wind into question

The double-sided saddle bag inspired by Gaucho, the South American shepherd, is the most important part of Dior this season. For the valiant high hill people, the saddle from generation to generation is their best “combat companion”. It's like a handbag to a woman. Inspired by John Galliano's original design, the two-story structure incorporates the saddle shape that best represents the spirit of the high hill. The material is made of soft calfskin and pure hand-woven leather trimming to fully express the rough and rugged nature of the people. one side.

FENDI woman goes to nautical

The bold heel-toed shoes with retro taste, eye-catching red-and-white dots and golden heels with FENDI "FF" logo show warmth. FENDI extended the design concept of Spy series to shoes in the spring and summer of 2006. The new Spy series not only has innovative designs, but also uses Spy's weaving technology. It has nostalgic calfskin, elegant soft sheepskin, tree snakeskin and special soft crocodile skin, etc. . Another style recommended in spring and summer this year is the flat-bottomed shoes. The Roman-styled sandals have a white thick rope with the taste of a seafarer. The same travel bag also has the same features, both practical and popular. Let people feel romantic and practical.

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