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Feather and down raw materials soared The author found that in the four down road two down clothing store, this year's down jacket prices continue to rise, the price of adult down jackets are also more than a thousand dollars, but the amount of down-filling is almost 100 grams. And among consumers who buy down jackets, few people know the difference between cashmere content and filling amount.

According to a staff member of China Feather Industry Association, the amount of cashmere refers to the weight of down in the filling. The national “National Standard for Down Clothing” stipulated that the down jacket must contain more than 50% cashmere, and Volume refers to the total weight of stuffed down in the clothing, but due to the design and style of each down jacket, the amount of filling is also different, so this standard does not specify the minimum amount of filling.

The author found out that this year and last year compared with the brand down jacket, found that the amount of filling down a lot this year. However, fashion brands and low-lint brands are more popular. An official People's Square mall down jacket, he said: "In recent years, Jinan are warm winter, down jackets began to fashion, so, charge down the amount are beginning to decrease." (Author: Li Ning)

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