Fast Fashion Women Cevel City Wardrobe 2013 swept across the country

High temperatures, enthusiasm diminished, Cevel city ​​wardrobe in 2013, the brand new store is constantly expanding, the team has swept the country. As a dark horse in the fast-fashion women's clothing brand in China, Cevel urban wardrobes have been growing by over 100% annually over the past few years. The past half of 2013, but the pace of Cevel city wardrobe never stopped, the tidal wave of goals continue to move forward.


快时尚女装Cevel城市衣柜 2013席卷全国

2012 was a tough year for many apparel companies, but Cevel City's closures more than doubled the number of stores, booming and looking forward to a weakening trend in sportswear brands, and fast-fashion brands have quietly become The supermarkets competing for the introduction of the object, I believe Cevel City wardrobe will rise in the new round of market reshuffle, becoming an integral part of national fashion brand.

快时尚女装Cevel城市衣柜 2013席卷全国

快时尚女装Cevel城市衣柜 2013席卷全国

2013, Cevel City wardrobe headquarters plans to open 200 new stores across the country, the northern market has quietly started, with the continuous increase of new stores, from the target is getting closer, the future of Cevel city's wardrobe makes us wait and see It

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