Fashion Women's 99% Profit 【Ten Years Red, China Red】


Strong advertising support:
, online media - with the Chinese fashion brand network, and many other well-known domestic fashion clothing site cooperation, the soft part of the text and its cooperation promotion.
, Shenzhen Universiade advertising sponsor.

cooperation method:
A to
join the other model investment and management, the company provides products, system terminal training, ERP software, powerful advertising support.
, franchise requirements Business premises: local commercial shops or shopping malls and shopping malls.
Shop area:
Practical area of 40 square meters of street shops or counters
Store image: the
company unified design of the image design
Store Management: The
company's unified ERP system terminal computer management, personalized copy of the success model.
Personal ability:
more than two years experience in women's brand operation. Have a certain financial strength .

Affiliate mode (the main push cooperation)
The main push ports:
Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Shandong, Shandong and other first-tier cities.
Way of cooperation: An
associate is allowed to invest in a shop that is approved to start. The company conducts an audit on the affiliated store to determine that the affiliated party will share profits according to a certain percentage of the actual sales profit of the affiliated store each month.
, the association features :
strong image support. 2) 100 % replacement, zero inventory 3) risk sharing, profit sharing .
, the joint venture requirements:
Premises: 50 square meters of the first or second side hall of a type of shopping mall in the provincial capital or the developed coastal cities 2) The local prosperous commercial circle stores above 50 square meters
more than two years experience in women's brand operation. Have a certain financial strength. 100% accept the company's philosophy.
, cooperation conditions:
Product security deposit (according to the size of the shop and store level, the company audit decision) 10 - 200,000 yuan (refundable)
Opening of the new store to send decoration items.
, joint venture advantages:
Point of sales information system (point of sales) : This system through the bar code scanning of goods, real-time collection of various types of sales stores, replenishment / inventory and other data. With the aid of high-performance information system, our designers can quickly grasp all kinds of best-selling styles, so as to strengthen the series design and meet the consumers' demand for fashion at the fastest speed .
"affiliate" support: the company's extensive supervisory team from time to time penetration of customer terminals for road support.

3) Policy Humanization: The Company tailors reasonable support conditions for each of the affiliates so that the affiliates can better exert their respective advantages.
4) a
large number of less features: Ten years red guarantee week out of new products, to a large number of less features to reduce the backlog of single, while enhancing customer repeat entry rate.
Enterprise's quality objectives: accurate delivery, and improve after-sales service, excellent supervision and training; three days to solve customer complaints; 99 % pass rate of the product manufactured.

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