Emerald knowledge of snowflake

Those who know jade knowledge and experienced people know the emerald snowflake. There are many types of jade cotton, and snowflake cotton is a special one, which is caused by a special geological environment. Moreover, it is necessary to form snowflake cotton in a low temperature, high pressure and stable environment.

Many people admire snowflake cotton, but not all snowflake cotton is beautiful. If a jade jewelry has a lot of snowflake cotton, then there is no beauty, commonly known as "snow is big." A good snowflake cotton is the kind of seemingly distributed, but it is not much more, it is a patchwork, so that it will reflect a kind of artistic beauty. And this kind of snowflake cotton will not float on the surface of the jade, but hidden inside the jade, the light will be obvious, but the upper body seems to be nothing. Therefore, be cautious when identifying jade snowflake.

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