Diskin Kay brand women's romantic distribution of beautiful handsome

Distin Kidny is Italian, meaning "unique and distinctive." "Distin Kidny" is an original brand of designer founded by well-known domestic designers. Distin Kidny believes that everyone is unique and Distin Kidny advocates for China. Modern women provide unique and distinctive personalized art ladies .


"Distin Kidny ( Di Siting Kay )" brand positioning and awareness is leading the trend of urban women full of live entertainment, business casual fashion sense to dress clothing as the carrier spread the concept and way of life, become much more than culture, across geographical Fashion.

迪斯廷.凯品牌女装  散发浪漫唯美的帅性

The company adheres to the principle of "Distin Kidny" and endeavors to create outstanding brand quality, so that those wearing "Distin Kidny" costumes will all demonstrate their outstanding style and fashion Elegant temperament.

Brand Features:
Alternative lazy fashion romantic aesthetic handsome art personality elegant ethnic / modern modern

Hivi yellow, Hivi orange and Hivi red

100% Polyester with TPU & fleece lamination

Waterproof 2000mm

Breathable,windproof,keep Safety 

1. Reflective tape 3M 8906 in the body and sleeve

2. Detachable sleeves design

3M 8906


Safety Workwear,Workwear Overalls,Work Uniforms,Work Trousers

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