Delicate Gege down jacket series will bring warmth to young women

Delicate Princess long-term emphasis on down jackets, cotton, coats, windbreaker, dresses and other women's series, this winter design down jacket fashion, elegant, with a sense of design, focus on overall and wearing with sex, so women are more women in winter. Delicate Princess customer base to 20-38 year-old female image-based, spending can be extended to 45 years of age; exquisite style suitable for those well-educated white-collar women who are mature, independent, intellectual, professional distribution to civil servants, teachers, Doctors, bank staff, white-collar workers and other intellectual women. Hangzhou Delicate Gege Garments Co., Ltd. is a company with many years of history, established by Lin Rong, a company design director. Ms. Lin Rong, who has been doing business in the oceans for 10 years, has finally emerged in the fierce competition in the market. Hangzhou exquisite Princess Clothing Co., Ltd. The company is a collection clothing design, production and sales in one garment enterprises. The company break the "sales first" business philosophy, put forward the "integrity based, management first" business principles. Gradually expand the size of the company, particularly rich in product design and development, making it the first brand of OFFICE casual fashion women.

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