Danfoss Women's Guangdong Nanxiong store grand opening

November is the fall of winter season, but also the clothing store sales in the year, so many clothing franchisees are double-minded gearing up, ready to open in November months full of challenges and opportunities. This Bhutan Phoebe women's Guangdong Nanxiong shop also ushered in the opening day.


Today, Danfoss poetry women's market department came good news, Danfoss Guangdong Nanxiong shop grand opening, and returned to the grand opening of the new store. I saw the opening day, Danfoss poetry store outside the bouquets, red carpet shop, romantic flower arch arches erected in front of the store, so that every one through the arches into the store's customers like to step into the princess castle. In the simple atmosphere of the white door below the sweet pink balloons and opening offers hanging poster is very dazzling. The owner is also more do not have a thought, with a lively salute to the opening of the new store to add more excitement and popularity, but also for the new shop to discuss a good head.


It is understood that Nanxiong is located in the northeast of Guangdong Province and is a famous historical and cultural city. It is known as "the head of the Five Ridges and the Chong of Jiangguang" and "the hub of the journey across Guangdong and the north and south throat." More "China's township of yellow smoke," "China Lingnan Ginkgo town" and other names. Danfoss ladies settled undoubtedly for the historic city add more modern fashion style, Nanxiong women feel the history and culture at the same time, but also to enjoy the refined elegance, intellectual charm of the fashion trend.

Finally, Xiaobian hereby on behalf of China Beauty Network wishes Danfoss Women's Guangdong Nanxiong store opened, the business is booming, but also wish Danfoss poetry women's stores all over the country a source of wealth.

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