Dalian Garment Enterprises Urgently Break Through the Path

Garment textiles exports are in trouble -

On October 9, 2010, the fourth Dalian Dalian Export Products Fair was held at the Xinghai Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition, which has become an important platform for Dalian enterprises to "export to domestic sales", has attracted the attention of many citizens. In the view of more than 200 exporting companies participating in the exhibition, after the financial crisis, the manufacturing costs and the complicated international trade environment that have risen significantly this year have made them less optimistic about the outlook for export prosperity. Dalian enterprises are eager to seek new market breakthroughs. .

The cost pressure on export companies is high. The price of raw materials for cotton yarns has risen by 15%, the processing cost for foundry companies has risen by more than 10%, and the appreciation of *** has exceeded 1%, all of which have made the “old foreign trade” Mr. Zhou, who has been exporting heaving goods for many years, Experienced the most sad period of time.

Mr. Zhou is the general manager of Liaoning Yunshang Trading Co., Ltd. Over the years, his company's artex products have been widely used in European and American markets. After the financial crisis, the market began to recover last year. Since this year, Mr. Zhou has clearly felt that the market has changed. Orders are only 50% of the normal situation. "The spending power of households in European and American countries has dropped significantly." Mr. Zhou thinks this is an important issue. s reason.

At the same time, a series of rising costs has also brought unprecedented pressure on Elva Trading and its many years of cooperative processing companies. “One of my major cooperative processing companies has stopped production in the first half of the year.” Mr. Zhou told reporters that most garment textile export companies are now struggling on the edge of profit and loss, and many companies have already suffered losses. The five clothing companies interviewed by the reporter at this export show all said that the current cost pressures of the company are already at a high level.

The clothing and textiles industry is only one of the prominent industries that have performed significantly this year due to the sharp rise in raw material prices and changes in the international trade situation. The reporter learned that with the implementation of measures such as the country’s stimulus to economic development and consumption promotion, the scale of credit and fixed asset investment has continued to expand, and the Chinese economy has gradually stabilized and recovered. The ex-factory prices of industrial products and raw material purchase prices have also been increasing since the second half of 2009. There has been a clear upward trend.

At this time, the reporter learned from interviews with dozens of companies including apparel, textiles, food, and handicrafts. From an overall perspective, companies are not optimistic about the future trend of raw material prices. Among them, more than half of companies believe that raw material prices will continue to rise in the future, and about 30% believe that the future prices will be basically the same as now, and that there are few companies that will continue to decline in raw material prices in the future, accounting for only about 5%.

Businesses have different judgments on the export situation. "We don't expect orders for the first quarter of next year to grow so fast this year. Maybe there is a chance that it will slip during a certain period of time. We're so tangled that we want to get some orders early next year. However, they are worried that the export situation is better than expected and we have suffered a loss,” said a person in charge of a children’s wear production company in Dalian. “At present, export companies are very difficult to make very clear judgments on the export situation and can only take a step forward.

Another food export company is even more optimistic. This enterprise with semi-finished aquatic products as the main export product, due to the main procurement of raw materials in the United States and Russia, although the appreciation of *** affects the settlement price of export products, but because it is overseas procurement, the purchase cost of raw materials can be offset The balance of export settlement, therefore, the current overall export situation is still ideal. “From the current point of view, China is still one of the main bases for food processing in Europe and the United States.” The person in charge of the company told reporters that although the increase in labor costs has brought certain impact on the company, in the long run, the company is still more focused on Export business.

According to the foreign trade data released by the Ministry of Commerce, the import growth rate in August rebounded sharply to 35.2%, and the export growth rate continued to slow down to 34.4%. The trade surplus is 20.03 billion U.S. dollars. Although the growth rate of exports still exceeds 30%, it is still at a relatively high level. However, the impact of the external market slump on exports may only become apparent after the third quarter, with the exception of developed countries, Korea, and Taiwan. The PMI of the land has already fallen below the 50 line and entered the systolic period. Therefore, for a period of time in the future, the global economic slowdown will become more apparent. This will obviously have a negative impact on China’s exports.

In this exhibition, the reporter learned that there are great differences in the export enterprises’ judgment of exports over the next three months. Among them, those who believe that exports will be significantly lower than the average of the same period last year accounted for 20%, and that exports will be slightly lower than the average of the same period last year, accounting for 15%, that the two will be basically equal to 25%, that exports The amount will be slightly higher than the average of the same period last year 25%, that the former will be significantly higher than the latter's 15%. The future export situation is very uncertain, and there are big differences between different companies.

Although Dalian enterprises are eager to find new export markets, although there are obvious differences in the judgment of the export situation, the reporter learned that many export companies are trying to find new market exports. Mr. Zhou, General Manager of Liaoning Yunshang Trading Company, told reporters that in addition to carrying out some innovations in export products and developing new customers, after this export exhibition, Ella will also seek new ideas through participation in international exhibitions. Regional market. “Such as the Australian market, although it seems that the market is not very large, if there are suitable channels, there should be some market opportunities.” Mr. Zhou believes that at least until the end of next year, the overall situation of textile exports will not Obvious change, "who can survive this period of time, who may have the possibility of survival in the future or even grow."

Dalian Yingjie Food has already made positive attempts to develop channels in the domestic market. Beginning this year, it has established a dedicated domestic marketing team and its sales scope has expanded to Shenyang, Beijing, Shenzhen and other places. "Although the domestic market is more difficult to develop, it is more stable. We hope there will be new breakthroughs here."

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