Dai Tian and what a magical effect

Nephrite is one of four famous Chinese jade culture has a long history in the long past, wearing not only a status symbol, but also more decorative one, and now society has become commonplace for wear, in Chinese traditional culture has been spread Wada jade evil, effectiveness of health care, and trace elements contained in Hetian will be absorbed by the body. The effect of Hetian jade has been widely circulated among the people. Let's take a look at what folks say about the efficacy of Hetian jade.


Hetian jade can give a soft luster, which the folks think can remove ghosts and protect the wearer. If the children are not easy to raise, they will be equipped with jade locks to dispel the demons and bless the children to grow up safely.


It contains manganese, which has the effect of accelerating metabolism and anti-aging. The beauty of ancient beauty is always inseparable from jade. Some ancient books, such as the "Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic", record that in addition to the health function, Hetian jade has a good effect of beauty. In "Yuxiang", it is mentioned that the Empress Dowager Cixi is still delicate in her 60s, because she uses Hetian jade to massage her face every day with rubbing, rubbing and rolling. Legend has it that Yang Guifei is also containing jade to maintain.


The folks believe that Hetian jade can "except the heat, the heart and lungs, the help of the throat, the hair, the five internal organs, the peace of mind, the blood circulation, the eyes and ears." The trace elements are more needed by the human body. After long-term wear, the trace elements required by these human bodies will enter the human body. It moisturizes the skin, gains a balance of body functions, calms the nerves, and promotes blood circulation.

The magical effect of Hetian jade is still quite a lot. Xiaobian’s suggestion is to wear one for the family and the lover.

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