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Coral velvet fabric are generally used in the home service, but because of the soft coral velvet and use of the clothing, Xiaobian today introduced two children's jacket style, the cabinet doll children's coral fleece fabric with children, comfortable coral Whether it is velvet jacket or pullover style make you like endless. This blue coral velvet vest style with a white turtleneck sweater, silver belt embellishment is absolutely stylish sense, so there is a domineering outfit in there, the shirt is with a good, take a look at the lower body With the lower body with a black and white wave of leggings, white motorcycle shoes with a very personality. Coral velvet fabric always makes people can not refuse, beige coral velvet coat style with a black skirt, this dress is also sweet full, in the cabinet doll itself is a fashion brand personality, and this autumn and winter personality fashion is still, but A little more sweet temperament.

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