China Fashion Casual Women's Snake Eyes (SEYEMIMI) Spring/Summer 2011 New Collection

"SEYEMIMI" (SEYEMIMI): "Snake Eye" is the name of a mysterious and quaint castle. "Enthusiast" is a woman who is astute, sensuous, and affable. "Snake Eye Fan" expresses love for life, advocating fashion, and pursuing a kind of spirit of feminist freedom.

China Fashion Casual Women's Snake Eyes (SEYEMIMI) Spring/Summer 2011 New Collection

"SEYEMIMI" - "China Fashion Casual Women" brand.
“SEYEMIMI” Women's Appeal: Snake Eyes fans are pursuing unique, passionate and vibrant lifestyles. It is our responsibility to continue to spread and shape young, dynamic, and fun lifestyles and promote personal culture.
Emphasizes fashion, personality, simplicity and comfort.
Brand Style:
"SEYEMIMI" positioning is suitable for individuality, outstanding, and pursuing new and confident young women of 20 to 35 years old.
SEYEMIMI's clothing is suitable for various leisure and leisure occasions such as travel, friends' party, evening entertainment, and campus life. It brings world fashion and brings first-class quality and service. It asides the high-priced practices adopted by internationally renowned brands, adopting reasonable prices, maintaining a close and friendly approach, and a more simple approach.

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