CECF Exhibiting Textile and Garment Enterprises to Deal with Severe Foreign Trade Environment

The reporter learned at the 22nd East China Import and Export Commodities Fair opened here on the 1st that the two completely different strategies of “product innovation” and “adhere to the tradition” have become China’s textile and clothing companies’ response to the current severe external environment. "magic weapon".

Lai Lai, a new type of textile fabric, subverts the traditional concept of the rigid structure of polyester molecular chains, and can even be more mellow, bright and comfortable than natural fibers. Huang Qin, chairman of Shanghai New Union Textiles Import and Export Co., Ltd., said that last year's cotton prices rose, and timely launch of innovative products such as “Lai Lai” to partially replace cotton was the company’s approach to the market.

"In the current tough foreign trade environment, we will also step up efforts to develop new products, seize opportunities, and stabilize the market," said Huang Qin.

The Blue China Blueprint Society is the only company in China that uses traditional techniques and natural materials to produce blue calico. According to Zhu Ruiqing, Deputy Director of the Indo-China Press Association, blue calico has a history of more than 1900 years in China, but after the arrival of industrial production in China in the 1950s and 1960s, natural handmade fabrics were replaced by chemical fiber products. The Blue China Blueprint Society inherited the traditional technique of blue calico and insisted on the use of the blue calico dye, the blue-printing fabric that has been identified since the Ming Dynasty in China.

Adhering to tradition is paying off. Zhu Ruiqing said that the blue calico produced by them has been exported to Japan and other regions, and has enjoyed a good reputation among the tourists from Europe and the United States. Today, it has gradually gained the favor of domestic high culture and fashion people.

At the annual China Fair, textile and apparel companies accounted for about half of the booths, this exhibition is no exception, showing the "mass" of textile and apparel products in China's foreign trade. The relevant exhibitors of textile and garment companies said that in fact, whether it is "changed" or "unchanged," the market still depends on "quality and characteristics."

For the current foreign trade environment, most exhibitors said that they are not too worried. Shi Yinxian, a representative of swimwear manufacturer Xiamen Aibi who specializes in OEM (OEM), said that last year their company’s exports slightly decreased, but shipments were still in the normal range. Inside. He said optimistically that no matter what the market is, there will be more or less demand, not to mention that “the external environment will not always be bad, isn’t the European and American economies already showing signs of turning up?”

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