"CBA Anta Houston Training Camp" was officially launched

China Basketball Association and Anta Sporting Goods Company jointly announced in Beijing on May 28 that the "CBA · Anta Houston Training Camp" was officially launched. The top 10 most promising young players in the CBA league will fly to Houston, USA, to be trained by the Rockets coaching staff this month. The training camp is part of the "CBA Antarctica route" launched by the Chinese Basketball Association at the beginning of the 2007/2008 season. China Basketball Association last season regular season technical statistics ranking as the main basis, considering the player's age, physical condition and technical level, selected from the young players in the CBA 10 outstanding players, to Houston for the end of this month for two weeks of basketball training . According to reports, these 10 members include Wang Bo of Jilin team, Chen Lei of Beijing team, Sun Jie of Shandong team, Mulati of Xinjiang team and other CBA stars. In addition, coach of Guangdong Hongyuan team Li Chunjiang and Zhejiang Wanma team coach Zheng Wu Marshal will also be accompanied by the team to observe and learn. Ten young players will receive specialized training led by Houston Rockets coach Adelman. The coaching staff includes six personal trainers, center trainers, strength and fitness trainers, and a strong lineup.

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