Big S leads the street fashion trends gorgeous silk scarf to wear

Leading Words: Today Xiaobian brings the latest trends for everyone, and provides guidance for creating the most fashionable and practical LOOK. Today's theme is the scarves. The scarves are not just tied to the head or tied to the neck, but they become fashion. It is king!

大S引领街头潮人时尚趋势 华美丝巾穿上身(图1)

As thin as a flapper, a sculpted silk scarf dances on the neck. Nowadays, scarves have become women's essential clothing accessories. All kinds of old and new scarves are the most changeable accessories. If you thought that the scarves would still be around your neck, you would be even more OUT.

大S引领街头潮人时尚趋势 华美丝巾穿上身(图2)

Celebrity S Xu Xiyuan attended the opening ceremony of Salvatore Ferragamo in Taipei and wore a full set of Salvatore Ferragamo 2012 spring and summer holiday dresses. Xu Xiyuan wore a red leopard silk scarf jumpsuit, and he chose a high fork. The blue leopard-print tube top dress, interpretation of different exotic style.

大S引领街头潮人时尚趋势 华美丝巾穿上身(图3)

Of course, the scarf can also be a long scarf, worn as a short skirt on the waist, and can be paired with a cool white shirt, just like fashion darling Peny (right) or Anna Dello Russo splicing multiple scarves together Avant-garde mini-dresses with bright coloured accessories will definitely increase the 100% return rate.

大S引领街头潮人时尚趋势 华美丝巾穿上身(图4)

The non-traditional scarves worn by fashionistas allow more fashionistas to follow suit. Street fashionistas choose scarves and shirts for big black suits, jeans, or scarfskins from head to toe, in addition to comfortable fabrics. , Scarf's lightness and style make streetwear different

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