Bear B Qi salesperson commonly used product sales methods and sales techniques

A salesperson commonly used methods of sales of goods 1, used to selling: Some consumers are often accustomed to the purchase of some of its products used to make customers in the various characteristics of goods, are very familiar with the characteristics, trust and produce a Preference psychology, attention is also focused on stability, so the purchase is often no longer a detailed comparison and selection, can quickly form a repeat purchase, sales should be recommended as customers often used goods; 2, rational sales law: Some consumers in each Prior to purchase, the required purchase of goods, to conduct a more careful comparison and selection, purchase calm-minded, cautious behavior, good at controlling their own feelings, without the influence of the outside world to change their own point of view, so should be less More to see, be patient, let customers decide on their own, otherwise it will arouse the customer's dislike, so that sales activities blocked. 3, the economic sales law: Some consumers are economically savvy, when buying goods with special emphasis on the level of prices, only low prices to make it satisfied, such consumers in the choice of goods, will repeatedly compare the price of various commodities , The response to price changes is extremely sensitive; the face of this type of customer, should try to recommend cheap goods and principles can be based on the point of profit to the customer. 4, impulse sales law: Some consumers are emotional things people often accept the appearance of the product, packaging, trademarks or some promotional efforts to stimulate the purchase of purchasing power behavior. This type of consumer choice of products to the intuitive feel-based shopping based on personal interests and tastes, like new exotic products, less consideration to the actual effect of the goods; for such customers in the appropriate products to add the appropriate language, often Will be harvested. 5, the romantic sales law: Some consumers feeling rich, full of romance, good at Lenovo, the appearance of the product, shape, color and even more emphasis on the brand; so these consumers in the choice of goods, the attention easy to transfer, interest And hobbies are also easy to change. 6, Enthusiasm Sales Law: Some consumers are not stereotypes of the ideological and psychological standards Lack of the main trend, there is no fixed preference of consumers, the choice of goods than the time of purchase or by the way, for such customers must be passionate, good service, Good introduction, it is easier to serve customers and facilitate transactions, while not let them contact with third parties, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble. 7, specific sales law: Some consumers in the commercial sales activities to self-satisfaction as a target, such as rental business transactions. 8, joint sales law: in several joint marketing methods at the same time; or sacrifice a smaller profit margins of new products to attract more customers, driven by the sale of high-volume goods mass sales methods.

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