Background color women's casual romantic flavor

The background color women in the division, parcels, hit color, lines, profile, cut legislation and other practices for the brand's main design materials, coupled with hemp, cotton, bold front of the washing process, and into the environmentally friendly material The main development of materials, to be grinding, scratching and dyeing, do the old, destruction and other processes of advanced thinking to extensively expand the vision of the public, with a harmonious and neutral neutral backing, shuttle in the cold and intertwined space, color In order to convergence of the subtle way to reveal, anti-Park returned to the original color-based mention, with unique taste and creative ideas, cast distinctive background color style.

底色 - Dins

底色品牌女装 随意的浪漫味道

Leather Keychain be made up of leather, the material usually use PU leather or Real Leather ( top grain leather and split leather, top grain leather is better than split leather ), the process of the logo is stamping and printing, hot stamping is more popular than printing, because it could protect the logo very well for a long time. It is can be a gift, souvernir gift, traded and so on in our daily life .

Leather Keychain

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