Anniversary "words" reported by the 23 anniversary of your drying wonderful one by one unveiled

23 years
Let a child into a young age, so that a business constantly changing in the growth.
Time is reincarnation, it is precipitation.
For 23 years,
Ou Difen Group to public welfare, culture and multi-brand development,
Become a leader in the field of Chinese fashion underwear .

欧迪芬 - ordifen
23-year Ou Difen from a professional production of women's underwear and business enterprises, growth as China's first high-end underwear brand. It meets the needs of customers with world-class quality standards, so that more women feel the charm of underwear.

周年“话”报 由你晒起 23周年庆精彩一一揭幕
23 years, Ou Difen let countless Chinese women feel the unique style and romance of underwear, redefine the new fashion, to create elegant and graceful Chinese women exclusively!

周年“话”报 由你晒起 23周年庆精彩一一揭幕
23 years old Dieffen stormy, grateful you!
In the small European heart, every user is goddess!
In your heart, what is the image of Ou Difen?

From November 14 to November 16, as long as you participate in the interaction with Weidifen Weibo, you can use one word to describe Ou Difen in your heart. You can comment directly under Weibo or publish pictures and text @ Ou Difen official microblogging, that is, chance to win Obidian anniversary anniversary gift!

周年“话”报 由你晒起 23周年庆精彩一一揭幕
In addition, during the anniversary, in order to repay the support of new and old customers, Ordifen unprecedented huge profits struck, so that the European powder at the best price Featured to the best value of high quality underwear, enjoy French luxury!

Opportunity not to be missed, welcome to Europe who are quick to buy 吆!

周年“话”报 由你晒起 23周年庆精彩一一揭幕
Move your finger and wait for the gift to go home.
More surprises discount, all in Oudifen store!

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