America's top sexy lingerie brand Shirley of Hollywood settled in Shanghai, China

With purely Hollywood descent, Shirley of Hollywood, a top US sexy lingerie brand with more than 3,000 outlets in over 25 countries in the world, is headquartered in Shanghai, China. The headquarters of China will build HollywoodStar in China. ) Brand, for the Chinese consumers to bring the latest wave of sexy underwear.

Lu Long, CEO of the headquarters in an interview with reporters expressed their views on the development of China's sexy underwear market.

In recent years, China's economic development has attracted worldwide attention and people's standard of living has also risen sharply. Today, women's consumer demand for underwear has not only remained in the practicality, but more to pursue the attitude of fashion life as the main feature.

The arrival of HollywoodStar (Hollywood five-star), just to meet this demand. HollywoodStar (Hollywood star) has a solid strength in the United States organized the strongest team of designers, and set the company more than 60 years of the essence of exclusive design for the Chinese women sexy underwear. Consumers are expected to see the company's latest global product launch in China in December 2011 on the Chinese market and online.

Decades of underwear research created for people like HollywoodStar (Hollywood five stars), the product is located in the upper class society and the entertainment industry stars, full of fun and body functions. The product line has a tight skirt, jumpsuit, mini pants, mini bra, long skirts, short skirts, doll clothes, exposed milk series, tight mesh stockings, garters, thongs Perfume series, men's shorts and so on.

In order to better meet the needs of consumers, HollywoodStar (Hollywood five-star) carefully designed a variety of products brands: shirley of Hollywood (Shirley Hollywood) luxury sexy series, the flagship brand of the United States; HOT hot series; RISQUE temptation Series; INTIMATE ATTITUDES abundance series; Gyz men series; Red Carpet Collection red carpet series; 100% Babe young series; Marilyn Monroe by Shirle Monroe series; Hollywood Star (Hollywood star) urban white-collar series, and Olivia by shirleyofhollywood Hollywood) personalized custom series.

Mr. Lu Ron Long, CEO also said that in the future, China's business will be the focus of the company, the company will invest heavily in building a domestic sales network, and strive to the fastest speed for the majority of Chinese women from Hollywood luxury sexy underwear.

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