Aimeidite women take the fast fashion lead the consumer trend

France Aimee Bennett costumes (Hong Kong) Limited, authorized in 2009 Aimeinite (Beijing) Garment Co., Ltd. is the total Chinese mainland agents , the company's product development, design, production and sales as one of professional clothing enterprises, the company Hong Kong has excellent team of designers, advanced production equipment and professional marketing team, mainly in mainland China to carry out shopping malls counters and store sales.


Love Menet (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is an apparel chain international clothing chain company, not only adhere to the brand and quality win, but also pay close attention to the pulse of fashion, leading the trend of consumption, take the fast fashion.
In order to rapidly develop the domestic market and quickly replicate the success of Emmenit in Hong Kong, etc., in 2009, Emmett (Hong Kong) Garment Co., Ltd. and China National Cerebrate International Group Co., Ltd. (" Library International ", the English abbreviation CTTI) jointly set up Beijing Aimei Nite Garment Co., Ltd., with Aimei Te in Hong Kong mature brand operations and advantages, in less than six months, Beijing Aimei Nite Garment Co., Ltd. In Beijing, Shandong, Henan and other places set up nearly 30 counters or stores, the rapid development momentum, the brand has great potential for development.

艾梅尼特女装走快速时尚之路 引领消费潮流

In 2010, in order to speedily replicate the successful experience of Beijing Aimei Nite Garment Co., Ltd. in Beijing and Shandong provinces nationwide, the Aimeeit high-level decision earlier this year decided to go south to the world garment production base and the world famous garment procurement center in Guangzhou , The establishment of Guangzhou love Menet Garment Co., Ltd., a comprehensive commitment to brand design and production of the burden.

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