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Yu Hui Fashion Development Co., Ltd. is a collection development, production, sales and service as one of the modern garment enterprises. The company's " Beauty " brand clothing to "natural, fresh, simple, stylish" lady atmosphere. Deeply attracted urban young women consumers. The company uses modern network management, a sound organizational structure, the full implementation of brand strategy. Since its establishment in 2002, the company has been closely following the international trend, grasping the trend of the trend, capturing the market precisely, introducing advanced foreign equipment and scientific management ideas constantly, and building a platform for absorbing the latest information and leading the fashion trend. From development, production to sales, a link, every detail, "beauty" are the pursuit of perfection.


With the continuous improvement of the company's brand names, the company has also been expanding its scale. "Beautiful" Industrial Park in the end of August 2010 has also formally put into production, the construction area of ​​30 mu, can accommodate more than 3,000 workers, the annual production capacity can be Reached 3 million, to meet the total order demand of 85%, while the company is also actively introducing talent. Through the design, management continue to strengthen and improve, and gradually brand culture to do deep, so refined. Highlight the characteristics of their own brand image, so that products have a deeper level of improvement.

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We carefully build our brand, listen to the voices of customers to meet customer needs.

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