Abe children's wear to create an international brand of sustainable development strategy

Hong Kong Kai-hui International Group Co., Ltd. is a design, production, sales and service in a body specialized infant, pregnant women apparel products company. In 1997, we established Shantou Maternal and Child Garments Production Base in China and established Shantou Kaihui Garment Co., Ltd. to realize the sustainable development strategy based on the domestic market and building an international brand. The company takes "people-oriented, excellence" business philosophy, and firmly "do special, fine, do all" women and children apparel industry's strategic goal for 0 to 3-year-old infants and their mothers to provide high-quality baby products and services, The concept of healthy living, quality education and happy growth will surely bring a whole new way of life to Chinese mothers and babies and lay a solid foundation for their win in life. Company implementation of brand strategy, the full import of CI image system engineering and VI corporate image, with reference to ISO9001 quality management system operation.

Porcelain China Decal Bone

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