2018 Wuhan Fashion Week thousand people war fashion is happening

In the past eleven gold holidays, 2018 Wuhan Fashion Week fashion thousands of war photographers, in the form of a shutter to explore the city's 1000 fashion faces, this is the first large-scale, permeable urban search for Street style. Wuhan, a world-class design capital, has a sense of design and fashion, such as blood into the city, from creativity to design, from the T-stage to the street, all the time...

Let's see what happens in the city when the shutter is pressed for a minute...

One minute, 12 Dongfeng cars were off the assembly line in Hubei.

In one minute, Wuhan Xingang handled 2.9 standard containers

In one minute, 701 freshmen entered the campus during the school season.

One minute, 21 bicycles pass the East Lake Greenway

One minute, create GDP of 69.49 million

And a minute of fashion? Let's explore the other side of the city with the photographer's fashion eye.

Looking for landmarks and trend symbols in the business district, I found the fashionable ICON belonging to Wuhan. 2018 Wuhan Fashion Week creative event "Fashion ICON thousand people battle", invited the top fashion photography group in the country to record the fashion attitude of the Z generation with the lens, shooting location in the fashion center of Jianghan District as coordinates, to Garden Road, Oceanwide CBD, Park The core business districts such as Boyuan, Wuhan International Plaza, Qifang, Wuhan Tiandi and Han Street radiate vertically and horizontally. Up to now, the number of people participating in street shooting has reached 1,118, and the population exposure rate has reached 20 million. The fashion attitude of thousands of people is in the fashion spirit of love, persistence and advancing with the times, hatching out the fashion ICON of the city, presenting a beautiful life and the other side of fashion Jiangcheng.

On October 11th, the first double-decker open-top bus will be amazed by Jiangcheng, five fashion routes, from Yellow Crane Tower to Hankou Railway Station, from East Lake Greenway to Jianghan Red T Creative Center. The fashion spool runs through Wuhan's three towns. At the same time, on October 16th, the CBD fashion show, the cultural symbols of the city were included in the fashion, continue to enrich the connotation value of the fashion field, and realize the harmonious beauty of fashion and humanity.

In this fashion week, there will be more than 30 conferences to present a feast of fashion and culture, high-end forums, costume design competition invitations, and Wuhan Guan·Fashion Exhibition, Memory·Wuhan Oil Painting Exhibition and other activities, expressing the city in fashion language, striving for A perfect link between creativity and business, allowing creativity to take root on the fertile ground of industry.

Acknowledgement: 2018 Wuhan Fashion Week #时尚ICON千人战# Filming agency: Fashion Lab, FashionLab, Wuhan Street, Xiaojie Street, Wengang Street, Xiaozhe Street, SIYANG X, Youke Street, Chengdu Yin Zizi, poster network, mushroom street, etc., the audience of the whole network of millions of fans, 10 popular photographers joined forces to go deep into the streets of the city, covering the major business districts of Wuhan, search for a unique style stylist.

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